AT&T Internet Deals 2021 [$35 Total Price for Fiber Internet]

In this article we review AT&T Internet, share two new promotional deals, and break down the top packages so you’ll know which one is right for you. We also help you figure out if AT&T is available in your area.

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If you’re looking to pick up inexpensive high-speed internet, AT&T has a package for you. You can get full-service internet which includes everything you need to get connected at home in addition to a few cool tricks to help you get connected abroad.

First let’s jump straight to the deals. If you want to sign up for AT&T high-speed internet now, feel free to click one of the links below and enter your ZIP code on the AT&T website. These are today’s best deals for new customers.

Best AT&T Internet Deals [December 2021]

AT&T Internet DealAT&T Internet for $35 mo total price

  • Internet Only
  • 300/300 Mbps Speeds
  • Get $200 VISA reward card when you order online

AT&T Internet + DIRECTV STREAM Deal AT&T Internet +  DIRECTV STREAM for $114.99 mo

  • Bundle TV and Internet connection on one monthly bill
  • 65+ Live Channels – including ESPN, TNT, Nickelodeon, and HGTV
  • 40,000+ on-demand titles and 20 hours of cloud DVR storage.
  • No annual contract and no hidden fees
  • Get $200 VISA reward card when you order online

The $200 Reward Card available for December 2021 is among the best rewards we have ever seen AT&T hand out since we started tracking these deals more than 5 years ago.

Simply put, now is the best time ever time to sign up for AT&T internet!

Why Pick AT&T for Home Internet Service?

Many companies offer internet service in a bubble. They don’t explain to consumers how to get online, what equipment they need, or what the limits of their internet plans are. AT&T is a big company that understands what consumers need when it comes to high-speed internet access. AT&T is exactly the opposite.

With AT&T Internet, you’ll get the hardware you need to get online, the help setting it up that you crave, and a bunch of options for bundled services which will help you to keep costs low and keep your family happy.

The download speeds and upload speeds offered by AT&T are competitive among other providers of consumer-grade internet access, and AT&T is known for being highly reliable. Because you’ll have the possibility of getting all of your telecommunications services under one hood, AT&T offers a simpler solution that is easier to keep track of than others.

AT&T understands that not everyone is a power user. You might not need a blazing fast internet plan if your biggest internet ambitions are to send emails and watch a few Youtube videos.

AT&T offers a handful of different internet plans to cater to every audience, meaning that you’ll never get stuck with overly-expensive internet plans that is replete with features you’ll never use.

AT&T also gives you the software solutions, like Smart Home Manager, that you will need to get the most out of your internet access. With the help of the Smart Home Manager App, you’ll even get assistance setting up features which AT&T never touches, like your home wi-fi gateway and wifi network. Learn more about the Smart Home Manager App.

AT&T is ready to help your entire internet workflow, starting with where your modem plugs into the wall and ending with your internet data allowance being delivered using fixed wireless to your laptop and phone. Where other providers leave consumers to fend for themselves, AT&T is lending a helping hand.

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Core Features And Packages

AT&T Internet service has a handful of different packages, each of which boasts a different suite of features.

The most basic package is $35 mo for 12 months plus taxes & equip fee. This package offers the ability to link in with other qualifying AT&T services.

With this package, you’ll get only what you need. Your family can use up to one terabyte of bandwidth per month as covered by the base cost and can pay an additional $30 mo plus taxes for unlimited data allowance. Bundled TV + Internet customers already get unlimited data included at no extra cost.

This means you won’t be paying for more than you use, but you always have the option to use a bit more if it’s a busy month.

With the $35 mo package, you’ll get an AT&T Wi-fi gateway router, the Smart Home Manager App, and the AT&T Internet Security Suite which features McAfee antivirus software.

For this price, you get up to 100 Mbps download internet speeds AND the $300 reward card.

You’ll also get professional installation and the ability to download a 90-minute long HD movie in less than ten seconds under normal conditions.

Importantly, this package doesn’t offer as big of an advantage when you bundle it with TV service. So, for households that don’t watch much TV but use a lot of internet, it’s probably the right package.

Is AT&T Internet Availabile In Your Area?

AT&T Internet has broad availability. In all 50 US states — including Alaska and Hawaii — you can access AT&T internet service, though your selection of packages may be constrained depending on how remote of an area you are in. It’s highly likely that AT&T is available in your area, though it may not be available literally everywhere.

Get AT&T Internet Now

All metropolitan areas have access to multiple packages which capture a swath of different speeds and prices. For more remote areas, you high speeds like Internet 1000 (Gigabit) may not be available, and you may be constrained to one or two options of lower internet speed access.

Nonetheless, the bonuses that you get with each package remain the same no matter where you are. So if there aren’t many packages offered in your area, you can still take advantage of the bundles to save money and get more features out of your internet service.

Likewise, the length of contract offered can vary depending on local laws regarding locking in prices. For the most part, this means that some areas may not be held to the same lock-in prices as others.

For the areas where the local laws change the way the prices are locked in, the packages will offer a different set of bonuses and may be priced slightly differently. Most people don’t need to worry about this, however.

AT&T Internet Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the advantage of AT&T over other providers?

AT&T Internet offers a total solution. Other providers only offer internet access and leave the user to figure out the rest on their own. AT&T will walk you through every step of the process and ensure that there is a technician on-site for installation and anything else you may need.

AT&T customer service has won many awards over the years, and will always be there for you when you need them the most. Be sure to reach out to support whenever you have any questions or issues with your internet access, and they’ll get going on giving you a hand as quickly as they can.

Can I break my contract with AT&T?

Yes, you can break your internet contract with AT&T (usually 12 mos) if you want to transition to another provider. However, if you break your contract, you will lose the right to exclusive pricing remittances offered in introductory periods.

Likewise, you will not be able to take advantage of the deals which AT&T offers to its current customers regarding upgrades and adding services to their account. Breaking your contract does not carry a specific penalty, but it does prevent you from taking advantage of these bonuses.

You will also find that your contract with AT&T is more beneficial to you than contracts with other providers. Where other providers might only offer an introductory rate of a few months, AT&T’s standard introductory rate is an entire year.

If you purchase certain packages or pay up front, you will get an even bigger discount for your internet service. It’s possible to lock in an introductory rate for as long as two years if you pair promotions with the right packages and the right payment plans.

Remember, AT&T frequently changes its packages and bonus offerings. If you break your contract, you’ll always be welcome to return. AT&T will save your payment information and make turning your service back on extremely easy.

Especially if you buy multiple services from AT&T, however, breaking your contract can be a hassle. You’ll need to get a new phone, internet plan, and TV provider, and you’ll also need to return the AT&T hardware which was granted to you.

For many people, it’s easier to transition to different AT&T internet plans after the first has ended than it is to start a contract with another provider.

Should I package my internet services with other AT&T offerings like phone service?

A: Yes, for most people packaging TV, internet plans, and phone services provides better discounts to purchasing each service individually. When services are packaged, it’s also easier to keep track of paying the bill because there’s only one instead of multiple.

AT&T offers many discounts and even extra features for people who package their services together. These extra features can be great, but they’re not necessary. If you don’t think that you need a given service, there’s usually not any advantage to purchasing it as part of a package anyway.

How do I know how much internet speed I need?

A: Your internet speed requirements are directly linked to your internet plan and your usage habits. The more high-definition video you watch, the more likely you are to need faster internet speeds.

Likewise, the more you download files from rapid providers the faster internet connection you will need. If you tend to download and upload a lot of items to cloud-based services, this directly applies to you.

If you have more than one person in your household who is a heavy internet user, you will also need faster download and upload speeds. You’d be surprised how much bandwidth one person can consume in a given moment.

Surprisingly, things like online gaming don’t take up nearly as much bandwidth as people expect. Downloading the games will take up more bandwidth than months spend playing them. Nonetheless, the gamers in your household will probably appreciate the faster internet speed.

How much downtime does AT&T internet service have in comparison to other providers?

AT&T’s downtime is among the lowest of any internet providers owing to integration with critical infrastructure. AT&T downtime is rarely total, even when there are natural disasters. Lapses in AT&T coverage are remedied quickly, and few users notice if the service has issues.

In comparison to fixed wireless only providers, AT&T offers stellar uptime. Likewise, during periods of heavy load like the evenings, AT&T transitions resources to handle the load gracefully.

You won’t need to worry about evening or weekend slowdown of your internet data service like you might experience with other providers.

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