EarthLink Internet Deals 2022 – Pricing, Plans, and Availability

EarthLink Internet Deals

EarthLink was big stuff back in the 1990s when it was the first ISP to offer unlimited data for a flat price. Today they are back with some of the most competitive deals around. If you’re looking for today’s best EarthLink pricing, click the link below.

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Attention folks who need basic internet services or don’t have access to any other fiber providers: There is a way to get internet access for an affordable rate with the speeds you crave! EarthLink is the answer. As of 2022, here’s what you can expect from EarthLink in prices, plans, and availability.

EarthLink Plans

EarthLink has ventured into the Fiber business, but the main source of plans remains with smaller services. EarthLink has three different options to suit customers. EarthLink’s strengths lie in offering internet where it may be challenging or expanding fiber internet services to a larger area.

EarthLink Hyperlink (Fiber Internet)

Hyperlink options feature EarthLink fiber internet. They’re fast and can range from 75 Mbps all the way up to 5 Gigs. These plans are suitable if you use a significant bit of bandwidth for things like gaming, or you have multiple people in the house using it for things like streaming.

HyperLink is still rolling out in many areas, but the good news is that those of you whose city missed the Google Fiber expansion may be able to take advantage of EarthLink’s fiber options. Check the website for availability.

EarthLink DSL

The most straightforward plan EarthLink offers is their DSL connection. DSL connections work through an existing telephone line by using frequencies telephones don’t. Subscribers don’t have to have a landline to purchase a plan but can make phone calls while on the internet if they do.

These plans start at just 15 Mbps but vary depending on your location. They’re also the most affordable bundle.

EarthLink Satellite Internet

In a few areas, you may be able to take advantage of EarthLink’s satellite internet options. If you live in a rural area, getting reliable internet can be a headache. Fiber isn’t an option, and most DSL choices are hit and miss.

Satellite doesn’t rely on land cable to work. Instead, it pings off satellite signals to provide internet access where you may not be able to get standard service. Plans are available with speeds up to 25 Mbps but call EarthLink for plan options and pricing.

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EarthLink Contracts

Each customer is locked into a 12-month contract going forward. Prices do not change for the duration of that contract, but there are no guarantees that prices won’t change once your contract is up, and there doesn’t seem to be an option to lock in a price for longer.

The contract features upfront pricing and no data caps, no matter how much you use. You can stream all you like and never worry about throttling or invisible caps on your data.

EarthLink Pricing

Pricing is tough to pin down for EarthLink because so much of their service is location-specific. However, here’s a basic idea of what to expect for the different service choices.

DSL Service Options

DSL service typically starts around $49.95 per month for the lowest speeds of 15 Mbps. Plans increase from there, but offers will depend on your location. Not all areas will have the lowest speeds, and some will only have one or two-speed options available.

Hyperlink Service

Plans start around $59.95 per month and go up to around $99.95 per month or higher for ultra-fast speeds. For example, 1 Gig (1000 Mbps) speeds are around $89.95 per month. 2 Gig (2000 Mbps) speeds are running for $129.95 per month, while 5 Gig (5000 Mbps) speeds are currently $189.95 per month.

The Satellite Service

Satellite service is typically the most expensive service you can get. Still, if you don’t have the capability of fiber or even DSL in your area, it offers reasonable rates for satellite service. Speeds max out around 25 Mbps, and it costs around $49.95 per month, depending on where you live.

Equipment Rental and Fees

You cannot use your own modem with EarthLink service, so it’s essential to consider how much renting an EarthLink modem will add to your bill. Equipment is just $8.95 per month and is charged each billing cycle.

You’ll also have applicable taxes to deal with and any fees associated with set up. A one-time installation fee is also required, although there are often promotions that eliminate or reduce this fee. When you call, ask about what they can do for the installation fee. Typically EarthLink charges $79.95 for setup and installation.

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EarthLink Availability

EarthLink is available in quite a few places, and they have a handy website that can tell you if they deliver service. They’ve rolled out fiber internet options in 21 states so far with plans to keep adding as fiber becomes less expensive and more in demand.

Their DSL choices are available in major cities along the east coast and in California. There are some big spaces in the midwest where EarthLink isn’t available at all. Big cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York are entirely covered as well as the Silicon Valley area.

EarthLink got its start in California, so this seems to be one of the areas with the most coverage. You can check on their website using your home address and be directed to the best plans available.

If there is no coverage in your area, EarthLink has partnered with other service providers to offer you plans and deals to get internet service still. You can get access to all these programs through the internet or by calling EarthLink.

All in All

EarthLink has a few different options for customers looking for simple internet connection and a few select areas, fiber internet. If your city missed out on the Google Fiber expansion, EarthLink might be able to offer something for you.

You need to call EarthLink to find out the specific speeds, plans, and prices available in your area. From one area to another, speeds are different and pricing as well, so a conversation with a service representative is vital here. EarthLink may not be the most famous service provider right now, but it is worth checking out for the new 2022 deals.

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