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If you’re looking to supercharge the speed at which your business conducts business, Verizon Fios Business Internet is the best way that you can do so.

Learning about Fios’ best features will leave you with an understanding of why your business needs to have fast internet to stay competitive in today’s environment of tight profit margins.

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Why Fios for Business?

Fios is a fiber optic-based internet service which uses the latest in telecommunications technology to deliver Fios internet to your business at a breakneck pace. But Fios doesn’t work in the same way as the internet connection that you may be used to.

Normal internet service is delivered by copper wires embedded in telephone wires or subterranean pipes. These copper wires carry pulses of electricity. In these pulses of electricity are data which are used for the internet.

Electricity can move through a copper wire extremely quickly. They’re only limited by the material properties of the copper wire. The copper wire can be saturated with electrons, at which point it is at its capacity regarding carrying data.

The problem with copper wires is that they’re subject to all sorts of interference. Any strong magnetic or electrical fields in the area around the copper wire prevents them from transmitting properly. Furthermore, electrons can only travel so quickly, which caps internet speeds.

Rather than being limited by the speeds of copper, Fios is a fiber optic system. As a fiber optic, Fios is only limited by the speed of light rather than the speed of electricity moving through a copper wire.


The main advantage of fiber optic cables like in Fios is that light can move very quickly. Light can move faster than anything else in the universe. The signal provided by Fios carries pulses of light through very clear glass tubes, which take the place of copper wires.

Unlike electricity and copper wire, light doesn’t need to be retransmitted as frequently as electrical signals, and it doesn’t suffer from common sources of interference. This means that Fios can offer the highest internet speeds without any trouble.

Fios Internet is ideal for file sharing, video conferencing, backups, heavy e-commerce orders, huge data transfers, and fast upload speeds.

Your company will have access to a handful of privacy tools provided by Verizon which will help your company to keep its data secure. Likewise, you’ll get access to the Verizon Cloud, a place for your company to keep its data backed up and secure.

You’ll also get access to the Business Preferred customer service platform, which will give you faster response times from Verizon support and get you a direct line to the maintenance teams which will be servicing your infrastructure. You won’t need to worry about downtime anymore.

With many packages of Fios, your business will also get a $100 prepaid Amazon Gift card as a bonus.

Options And Pricing

There are a handful of packages and deals for Fios which make use of the high speeds provided by fiber optic lines. The options are bundled based on the speed which your business needs.

The 75 Mbps option is perfect for small businesses or sole proprietorships that want to have symmetrical upload and download speeds while still enjoying the entire suite of added Verizon bonuses.

This option costs $84.99/mo, though with the right service agreement the price can be dropped to $64.99/mo. You’ll get a few choices regarding whether you pay on a yearly basis or whether you pay for a two or three-year package. Paying for the larger packages incurs a larger discount.

The 75 Mbps download option also provides a few perks when it is bundled with a phone contract with Verizon.

The 150 Mbps package offers symmetrical download and upload speeds for businesses of ten people or less. With this package, your company can do frequent file sharing, video conferencing, downloading, and some backing up of your data.

This plan starts at $109.99 per month and offers a $150 Visa prepaid card as a signing bonus. If your small business is planning to grow shortly, this package is the right one for you.

The 300 Mbps symmetrical package is perfect for mid-sized companies that are starting to find their place in the world. With high speeds like these, your company can perform multiple massive data transfers, handle a lot of e-commerce orders, perform multiple video conferences at once, and more.

The package debuts at $184.99 per month, and provisions for a $200 Visa prepaid card bonus at the start, meaning that it’s similar to getting the first month of the service for free.

The 500 Mbps package boasts symmetrical speeds which should be more than sufficient for up to 20 employees. This package is ideal for handling big-data scale e-commerce orders, massive backups, and massive data transfers on a constant basis.

There’s no cap on your monthly bandwidth allotment with any of the Verizon Business Internet plans, so the 500 Mbps package is where your company will start to see the largest value of high-speed internet as it pertains to your profit margins.

You can perform all of the cloud-based activities that your business needs while resting assured that your data can be backed up safely onto the Verizon Cloud. For up to 50 employees, the 500 Mbps package is more than sufficient. This package debuts at $214.99 per month, and includes a $200 Visa prepaid card for the first month.

For enterprise-scale companies, however, there’s only one package which is enough.

The 940 Mbps package is the beast of the Verizon Fios lineup, offering asymmetrical connectivity at 940 Mbps down and 880 Mbps up. Notably, the package starts at $214.99/mo, making it the same price as the 500 Mbps package despite offering nearly twice as much speed.

The bandwidth of the 940 Mbps package is enough for a medium-sized company to have all of its Fios internet needs served instantly. Any kind of internet activity is supported at high speed.

This means that backups, e-commerce, video conferencing, data transfers, and more will all occur simultaneously without any slowdown. HD video streaming can easily be incorporated via multiple streams to make use of the bandwidth.

Verizon Fios Sign Up


Because Fios is such a sophisticated fiber optic-based internet delivery service, it hasn’t been fully deployed yet. At present, only the Northeast has Fios coverage.

Fios is present in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Notably, Fios doesn’t have 100% coverage of these states.

Instead, Fios is constrained to the major metropolitan areas of these states. That means most of the rural areas in these states still don’t have access to Fios.

The cities which have full Fios coverage are Boston, Albany, Buffalo, Long Island, Staten Island, Syracuse, Baltimore, Salisbury, Norfolk, Richmond, Washington DC, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.

Getting Fios in the suburbs of these cities is very likely, but you should check with your Verizon representative to be sure. Major urban agglomerations may not necessarily be the first to get Fios coverage if they don’t already have it.

In large areas like New York City, there are already other high-speed Fios internet providers who may have the rights to the infrastructure which would otherwise be used for Fios’ fiber optic lines. As a result, speeds in these areas are much slower, and are often delivered at a higher cost.

Fios Business Internet FAQ

Am I locked into a certain term of service when I sign up for Verizon Fios Business Internet?

If you want to retain the price of the package that you agreed upon at the start of your Fios contract, you have to commit to a certain term of service.

These terms of service are typically one-year terms, two-year terms, or three-year terms. Most businesses should choose the two-year terms because it gives them a break on the monthly rate while locking in that rate for a substantial amount of time.

Your business won’t need to think about negotiating a new rate or finding a new supplier of high-speed internet for two entire years if you take the default packages which Fios offers to its business customers.

If you want to break your contract, you can do so at any time, but you will forfeit the lower rate which you locked in during the sign-up period and you will also forfeit the extra services provided to your business by Verizon.

Are there any advantages to purchasing phone and Fios TV service from Verizon along with Fios?

Yes, your business will get a substantial discount on additional services when you purchase them in a single bundle with Fios. This means that your business could be saving on phone bills, Fios TV bills, and high-speed Fios internet bills at the same time.

Typically, you will get the best deal by picking the bundle of services that includes all of your utilities. That includes data for your cell phone as well as any wi-fi services in your area that are provided by Verizon.

When you purchase all of your telecommunications utilities in one bundle, Verizon can give you deeper discounts than usual while also giving you more services than you would otherwise have access to.

So, if your business distributes telephones to employees or uses Fios TV services, buying everything in one package is a good cost-cutting measure.

What do other business owners say about using Fios?

Fios is a much-loved internet service by business owners everywhere. The biggest advantages which they cite regarding Fios are its speed, its uptime, and its low cost relative to other high-speed internet options.

Business owners also laud Verizon customer support, which they typically have direct access to courtesy of the business-centric support line offered with the Business Internet packages.

Will my customers know that I am using Fios?

Not unless you tell them. Your customers will notice the fast speeds on your network if they connect to it, but they will otherwise not know which internet provider you are using. If they do notice, Verizon’s good reputation should handle the PR.

How much downtime does Fios have?

Fios’ downtime was among the lowest of the high-speed internet providers in the past several years. After natural disasters and storms, the Verizon teams are out on the roads, repairing the infrastructure as quickly as possible.

This means that Fios has very little downtime even when other essential services are down. You won’t need to worry about your customers going without your services when you purchase your Fios internet from Verizon.

How do I know how much speed my business needs?

Estimating your business’ Fios internet speed requirements is difficult, but possible. The first issue is determining what kind of data your company sends through the internet most frequently.

If your company is constantly sending massive data sets and stuff like high definition video, you will need a larger amount of bandwidth than other companies. On the other hand, if your company is mostly sending emails with the occasional teleconference, your needs won’t be as extreme.

The other factor is the size of your company. More people leads to more data, and after a certain point each additional person starts to add a slightly larger data requirement than the last because of the additional organizational communications that you will need.

So, if you have a small company, you need to provision for your growth in addition to the people who are working there today. If your company is medium-sized and won’t be adding too many new employees, you can probably pick a plan which doesn’t have as high speeds.

Likewise, if you have a company that is pivoting into a more data-centric area, you need to provide additional bandwidth so that you can continue to serve your customers. Verizon offers a series of guidelines as part of its Business Internet sales package, so be sure to check them out.

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