Verizon Fios Deals 2020 [Free Year of Disney Plus]

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Verizon Fios Deals

Today I’m sharing the best deals available for new Verizon Fios customers. If you want to sign up for Fios, click here to get today’s best deal — pay only $39.99/mo for Fios Internet plus get a $50 VISA Prepaid Card and Disney+ Free for 12 months. Read on to learn more about Verizon Fios pricing and deals…

If you want the fastest internet package that money can buy you will need to get Verizon Fios. Verizon Fios is a fiber optic internet service which will blind you with its dazzlingly fast speeds and high-tech delivery.

Fios is somewhat complicated as far as internet services go, however. Fios isn’t in every area, and there are a handful of different price and speed options. Of these options and pricing schemes, the most appealing is probably the 100/100 speed for $39.99 per month.

This package is ready for the taking, and you don’t need to commit to any annual service contract. In this article, we’ll discuss the best Fios package and explain to you what your options are and whether you are eligible for the service.

What Is Fios?

Verizon Fios is a mixed media internet package that can also provide TV service if you desire. With Fios, you’ll be able to have on-demand media, fast internet speeds, and personalize your plan to get exactly the feature set you want.

Signing up for Fios also has some bonus rewards which you can take advantage of. These advantages will differ depending on your geographical area but typically include promotional TV packages, free Disney Plus, and higher speeds.

Some packages have other bonuses such as discounts on home automation technology. These devices cleanly integrate with Fios for superior quality service.

Verizon Fios Features

In the 100/100 package, you will get the following features from Fios:

  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds of 100 megabit
  • Fiber optic reliability and speed
  • TV and on-demand video
  • Multiple signing bonuses
  • No service lock-in
  • No maintenance requirements

These features are perfect for applications ranging from video games to watching movies online. If you have an entire family that needs internet access, Fios is the right package for you. The advantage of the speeds provided by the 100/100 plan is that it can accommodate all types of internet use.

If you run a business from your home, your upload and download speed requirements are likely a bit more extensive than other customers. The symmetrical upload and download speeds mean that you will not be blocked by low upload rate caps.

Upload rate caps can ruin your chances as a small business. If your client is demanding material that you have finished but uploading it is taking a long time thanks to your asymmetrical speeds, you will have to leave them waiting.

Likewise, if you want to create video content or music, you will need the faster upload speeds that Fios provides to use your connection the most efficiently. For the rest of the family, the Fios connection offers snappy download speeds which they will appreciate.

100 Mbps is more than enough to provision for a family of four or five. Everyone can be downloading video, playing games, or uploading their creations all at once with this bandwidth.

There may be a few limits on multiple people streaming 4K video at the same time, but Verizon’s on-demand video service means that traffic is more efficiently routed. You will probably get a lot more bang for your buck as a result.

Availability of Verizon Fios

Laying fiber optic line is expensive. Verizon Fios isn’t available everywhere. The New York metro area has full Fios coverage. This includes New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island.

There are also other areas along the major coastal cities that have Fios coverage. You should check your area on the Fios website to figure out whether you are eligible for the service.

If your home is in a very rural area, you will probably not be eligible for Fios.

Verizon Fios Pricing And Packages

The Fios package starting at $39.99 is open to most potential subscribers. This price does not include taxes, equipment charges, or other service fees. It does, however, pay for high-speed internet access with no annual contract.

When you purchase this package, you will get a one-year price guarantee from Verizon. The price guarantee is exactly what it sounds like: you will not be charged more than the starting price on a monthly basis for at least a year.

After a year, there is no guarantee that your price will not increase. There is not necessarily a guarantee that the price will increase either. You can probably negotiate your price back down if it is increased nonetheless.

There are a few other packages that you can opt into if you do not think the $39.99 100/100 package is the right Fios setting for your family. These options include the gigabit internet package and the gigabit package plus TV and/or phone service.

Verizon now allows you to “Mix and Match” your internet, TV, phone, and additional services to build the broadband bundle of your choice.

What Is Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection?

The Gigabit Connection package is up to ten times faster than the 100/100 package. Plus, the gigabit connection package includes Fios custom TV access with over 190 channels.

It also has a two-year price guarantee rather than a one-year price guarantee, so you will not have to worry about price increases for an extended period. The gigabit package also offers you a $200 VISA prepaid rewards card.

If you are planning on automating your home or making it into a smart home, this means that the gigabit package can pay for itself thanks to its bonuses.

The phone aspect of the gigabit package is also important if you want a landline. While not as many people in 2020 care to have landlines, you can opt into having one with the gigabit package for an extra cost. This can be a nice touch for certain homes, but you aren’t obligated to take advantage of it.

Finally, the gigabit package also comes with up to a $200 prepaid VISA Reward Card when combined with the highest TV package. This means that you immediately get some cash back from your purchase. You can consider this a signing bonus. Importantly, the gigabit package is not month-to-month like the 100/100 package is.

You will have to pay a termination of service fee if you decide to cancel your gigabit package.

The gigabit with preferred TV and phone package is very similar to the standard gigabit package. The difference is that there are more than 280 TV channels instead of merely more than 190 TV channels. These additional channels are composed of over 95 HD TV channels, which do not exist on the normal gigabit package.

If you enjoy HD TV shows you will only get these shows if you pay for the preferred gigabit package. Importantly, the on demand titles are the same for the preferred package and the normal gigabit package.

The home phone option and two-year price guarantee are also the same on the preferred TV gigabit package. Likewise, you will have to pay for a termination fee if you decide to cancel but you will also get the prepaid visa card.

On the whole, if you only want internet and you want to keep your bill as low as possible, the 100/100 plan is the optimal choice. If you want HD TV, pick the preferred TV gigabit plan. If you want TV but don’t care whether or not it is in HD, you should pick the standard gigabit plan. If you plan on moving to another place and getting a new internet subscription fairly regularly, you should probably opt for the 100/100 plan because it has no cancellation fee.

Between these three plans, everyone’s internet habits are accounted for.

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