Frontier FiberOptic Internet Deals – Best Prices & Bundles in 2021

Frontier Fios Deals

Frontier internet is quickly replacing cable internet options, and in this Frontier FiberOptic 2021 review, we’ll look at the options available from Frontier Communications in terms of prices, packages offered, and related deals.

What is Frontier FiberOptic?

Frontier FiberOptic is a fiber optic internet offering from the company, Frontier Communications. Frontier has also offered other kinds of  TV & internet service packages, but the company is looking to join the other big names in FiberOptic internet to provide its customers with faster speeds and less downtime.

Frontier FiberOptic also allows its customers to pair other services with their internet FiberOptic TV service and home phone (digital voice) to get the best Triple Play package at the best possible price.

While there is some variation in the combinations of products offered, customers can enjoy the simplicity of having one account and the ability to change their individual services as needed.

FiberOptic internet is the newest type of internet that is very attractive to customers looking to decrease their downtime and increase their upload and download speeds. With Frontier FiberOptic, customers can choose between several speeds, including 50 Mbps and 500 Mbps.

To give you an idea of how fast each of these speeds is, here are examples of what you can do with 50 Mbps and 500 mbps.

With 50 mbps download service you can:

  • Download an entire HD movie in as little as 13.4 minutes
  • Download about ten songs in eight seconds

If you choose the 500 mbps download service you can:

  • Download 100 songs in eight seconds
  • Download a whole HD movie in 1.4 seconds

The higher speeds will also allow for several connected devices to stream content, participate in online gaming, and share files that range from average to large in size.

These activities can transmit over other lower speed connections, but it will take much longer to transfer the data, and larger files may first need dividing, so they are smaller pieces that transmit faster.

Frontier FiberOptic bundles also come with much higher internet speeds, but these plans are not available in all areas. To find out what services are available where you live or to find more information, you can look at the Frontier website. Services subject to availability.

How Does Frontier FiberOptic Work?

This Frontier FiberOptic overview would be incomplete if we didn’t first take a look at how fiber optic internet works, and what makes it better than cable internet and other competing options.

Fiber optic internet is a relatively new service, and all of the large cable internet companies are working hard to set up a fiber-optic network for their customers.

For FiberOptic internet to work, there first needs to be an infrastructure of complicated cables in place to transmit information. These cables feature construction made up of thin glass wires that individually are approximately the same diameter as a human hair.

These cables can be several miles long and connect to hubs that are part of the overall network belonging to the ISP. Most of the time, these cables run securely underground, but in some cases, the lines have been strung up on utility poles in an effort to get service to customers faster.

Buried lines are less likely to have internet outages as their location protects them from weather and other factors that could damage the lines themselves. The cables carry information in the form of light, and they have a coating to protect them and keep the light reflecting on the interior of the cable.

How different inputs transmit along these lines vary based on whether the information is digital or analog, and new fiber cables translate analog data using a laser at one end for each bit.

These cables can carry a signal up to 60 miles, and even further in some situations. Hubs are spaced out along these cables at intervals as far apart as forty to sixty miles.

Each hub picks up the signal that comes down the fiber line and transmits it again at full strength, so the message continues to move quickly and with minimal degradation or distortion.

This type of service is also able to offer the same speeds for both downloads and uploads since the information transmits the same in both directions.

What Kind of Packages Are Available?

Frontier FiberOptic comes in different speeds that start at 50 mbps download / 50 mbps upload and go all the way up to 940 mbps download / 880 mbps upload, which is called gigabit service.

Customers can also bundle their internet with FiberOptic TV service and digital voice to get the best FiberOptic Fios bundle (double play) for their needs that comes with extra features and a consistent price.

Important Perks

Frontier offers its customers a “Price for Life” benefit in certain areas, which means that your service will be the same price for the entire time that you are a Frontier customer.

Other ISPs like Comcast are notorious for steady price increases without real explanations, and Frontier is working to eliminate this stress while also offering additional perks like wireless network capabilities using their wireless router.

Frontier also doesn’t place data caps on their internet packages like some other internet service providers. A typical data cap might hover at around 250GB of data, but with Frontier internet, all data transfers are less of a strain on the system compared to broadband internet.


Without data caps to worry about, customers can stream as much data as they please, and they can download and stream all types of media such as games, music, and movies.

It’s not uncommon for a new game to have a file size of 30GB these days, and a high speed internet connection can download this much data in mere minutes compared to hours with a broadband connection.

Streaming large files like movies, full music albums, podcasts, and online games can also require massive amounts of data to be transmitted, and a fiber internet connection can handle this level of data efficiently.

The speed of your connection matters, so you’ll want to select the appropriate rate for your needs.


Frontier FiberOptic internet and Vantage Fiber plans are available in many states across the United States, but accessibility can vary from one neighborhood to another.

Since the network has to be set up to work in each area, some areas will have access more efficiently, and this frequently means lower pricing than in select areas where the network is less developed. Minimum system requirements and other terms and conditions apply and terms are subject to change.

The Advantages of Using Frontier FiberOptic

Any time you can get Frontier internet to replace your broadband internet or cable internet connection, it’s a good idea to look into:

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Connection speeds available

While some of the rates may not be faster than your current connection, pricing is often different, and the functionality can vary significantly.


A fiber-optic connection for internet, FiberOptic TV service, and home phone (Triple Play) is going to be one of the most reliable kinds of connections available, and there’s a reason that this service is quickly replacing other options offered by large companies such as Verizon, Comcast, and Frontier Communications.

These companies recognize that customers dislike downtime in their connections or outages that prevent them from consuming their media, and every year thousands of customer service calls could be prevented by decreasing service disruptions.

Frontier FiberOptic uses fiber optic technology that is less likely to suffer from connection issues based on how the network is set up and the low likelihood that a cable would somehow be damaged or fail when buried below ground.

Frontier internet is also not subject to being “overloaded” like broadband or cable internet so it can handle more users without a decrease in speeds. There are no more inconvenient “peak times” to consider, or connection issues to deal with during lousy weather.


Frontier FiberOptic Internet is surprisingly affordable and very competitively priced with other companies in the areas where service is available. In some instances, it can even be a cheaper option than what is offered by larger companies like Comcast, so it’s worth shopping around to see what prices are like for similar connection speeds.

You can expect to see different prices for different speeds, and lower speeds cost less money than higher rates. However, there are often introductory offers, coupons, vouchers, and other deals that you can look for throughout the year.

Frontier offers pricing protection, which is useful if you plan to use their FiberOptic services long term. This “Price for Life” feature keeps your rates from slowly increasing over time and ensures you don’t get any surprise bills. Note that equipment fees are currently $10 mo on top of the monthly service fee.


Gigabit service on broadband or cable internet can cost over $100 per month, but many companies such as Frontier can offer that service for about half of that cost over their fiber-optic network. Services subject to availability.

If you wonder why there is this much of a difference, we can look to the capabilities of networks to transmit information, and their lower levels of maintenance that are required since the cables reside under the ground.

There is undoubtedly a higher up-front cost to get a fiber-optic network running, but this new technology can transmit so much data that companies like Frontier can offer higher speeds at lower prices to entice more customers without sacrificing internet speed during peak times.

Frontier also offers a wide range of speeds and plans so you can pick the one that works for you and change it later if you need more or less internet speed.

Their plans start at 6 mbps, which is relatively slow for an internet connection, but it also comes at a lower cost and is perfect for those that don’t often need to use the TV & internet.


This Frontier FiberOptic 2021 overview would be incomplete if we didn’t mention the features that make this company unique.

Their commitment to consistent pricing on their packages through their “Price for Life” program and their wireless routers make them a natural choice for those that are less technologically enabled but still need an internet connection.

The level of customization on their plans is also a bonus not widely available with all major providers.

Most companies will offer bundled plans, such as double play bundles or triple play bundles, that can’t be changed, and it’s rare that a customer can individually select their preferred internet speed, TV package, and home phone plan (digital voice) and combine them in a single account for simplicity.

It’s also unusual for a significant company like Frontier Communications to allow customers to change their chosen FiberOptic services at any time without a fee. Most companies will offer a prorated monthly payment, but this often comes with surcharges or other penalties.

Frontier Communications also has excellent customer service, and their plans are easy to understand and clearly explained, so you can know the service you’re getting with your double play Frontier FiberOptic bundle or individual FiberOptic services.

How Frontier FiberOptic Compares to The Competition

The competition that exists for Frontier will vary based on where you live, and there are dozens of smaller companies that offer comparable or cheaper packages.

Unfortunately, these smaller companies only cover select areas across the United States, so you’ll need to do an online search as part of your comparison if you want to consider smaller internet service providers.

Frontier has better customer service than Comcast, AT&T, and CenturyLink, and their packages are far more customizable than most of the large internet service providers out there. They also offer some perks like set pricing that are rather uncommon.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered a lot of material as part of this Frontier FiberOptic overview, and the internet service offered by Frontier is a reliable option if you live in one of the areas served by this company.

Although Frontier may offer different packages than other large internet providers, their internet speeds provide an excellent range of choices for any customer.

They also offer their customers impressive features, consistent connections, fair pricing, and a highly customizable bundle option that can include FiberOptic TV and home phone.

Their customer service has been shown to outshine competitors like Comcast and AT&T, and the highest available internet speeds are far greater than a typical household requires, but they are still reasonably priced.

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