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Looking to find the best, most affordable internet for your home or office? GetInternet.com is your complete resource for information on broadband internet.

Finding the right type of internet for your specific needs doesn’t have to be time-consuming, complicated or require a lot of technical know-how. Our team has created a variety of guides and reviews which cover every aspect of internet service, from selecting an ISP to negotiating a lower bill and more.

Meet The Team

Blair Campbell

Blair likes computers and everything that has to do with the internet. He studied computer science at the California Institute of Technology Computing and Mathematical Sciences program, but he enjoys writing on the side. He grew up in southern California and now lives in Denver, Colorado. Blair enjoys all aspects of computer science — especially writing and learning code. It’s like a foreign language that’s perhaps one of the most universal and useful ever. He hopes to use his skills to one day work in the video game industry.

When not coding, Blair likes contributing to GetInternet. Perhaps this love stemmed from helping his own parents learn to use the internet. He likes using his knowledge in ways that other people can find accessible and useful. He especially likes writing explainer pieces and roundups — anything that leaves people more educated than when they first started reading.

When not contributing to GetInternet, Blair likes playing video games, making digital art, learning new recipes, and finding the next best show to watch on Netflix. He’s supported by his lovely girlfriend and their wonderful corgi.

Vivian Choi

Vivian lives in Brooklyn. When she’s not coding or writing, she likes walking in Prospect Park with her husky named Roscoe. She’s from Long Island and went to school at Stony Brook University, where she studied computer science and writing. She’s created apps, designed websites, and even published a few short stories (she’ll never let you read them). But she enjoys jobs in which she can synthesize her two passions — computer science and writing.

Vivian has been writing since the age of 11. She’s received local writing awards through her schools, but she’s never had the opportunity to publish for a wide audience. Vivian continues writing in her free time, and she hopes to one day publish a novel. Maybe two. Who knows. She dreams of having one of her novels adapted into a movie, so keep an eye out for that.

Besides tinkering with code and writing fiction, you can find Vivian baking, crocheting, attempting to experience undisturbed nature in New York City, and listening to music while doing all of the above. Roscoe will surely be right beside her, barking along in his adorable husky talk.

Omar Youssef

Omar was born in Montreal but moved to Seattle when he was seven years old. He enjoyed taking apart electronics at an early age and putting them back together, learning to change the batteries of his Pokemon Silver cartridge without the help of Google. But he also had a flair for business and marketing. Omar offered up his services to change the cartridge batteries for the kids in his school. He combined his love for business and computers when he attended Clemson University in South Carolina. There he studies computer information systems and fell in love with the field.

Omar now writes on the side at GetInternet to improve his written communication skills. He likes communicating difficult computer and internet challenges to people who might not understand it. He enjoys the challenge of having to communicate these two things and watching himself become a better writer. He also dreams of becoming a life coach one day, but that’s a long ways away.

You can find Omar meditating, working on one of his many self-improvement goals, or talking with his mom (his mom is great). He also likes playing video games, reading fantasy and self-improvement books, and learning from people who are smarter than him.

How We Help You Get The Best Internet

Fast, reliable internet is a necessity for both work and play. But finding the right internet service provider can be confusing. That’s where we’re able to help. We’ve got everything you need to know about the world of broadband internet. Some topics covered include:

How Do I Choose the Right Internet Plan?
The four major options are DSL, Cable, Satellite and Fiber Optic Service. We cover the pros and cons of each one to help you determine the best choice for your needs and budget. Plus, we’ll help you identify all the ISPs in your area – there might be more than you think!

The Right Way to Negotiate a Lower Internet Bill
Does your internet bill seem like it’s going up every year? Costs are a major hassle for internet customers. We’ll show you how to find internet service which is priced for your budget. Plus, we’ll teach you what to say to your current ISP to get them to lower your bill.

Aside from helping you find the best, most affordable internet, we’ll also created a variety of informative guides. But don’t worry if you’re not very technically minded. All guides are written in clear language free from technical jargon. We’ll help you learn all about:

Our Philosophy

You’d rather spend time surfing the internet than reading how it works. All of our information is designed to provide quick, thorough answers. Plus, we’re 100% impartial. We understand how important affordable, reliable internet is — and our goal is to always provide honest information so you can select the best option for your needs.

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If you ever have any questions about any subjects we cover, please feel free to ask us directly. We love to hear from our readers and are more than happy to provide custom advice for your specific situation.

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