How to Cancel Comcast Xfinity Internet

How to Cancel Xfinity

Xfinity is an internet provider with plans ranging from 50 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps. There are popular bundles that include internet service and TV channels. Xfinity by Comcast also stands out by offering a streaming box to subscribers who opt for a TV bundle.

However, some plans can be expensive. This service might not be a good fit if faster and cheaper options are available in your area, or you might need to cancel it because you’re moving.

If you’re an Xfinity customer and want to cancel your internet service, you should read on to find out everything you need to know about how to cancel Comcast Xfinity internet.

Before You Cancel Your Internet Service

There are a few things you should know before you start the process of canceling your service. It’s important to figure out the best time to submit your request and to get an idea of how much you’ll pay in early termination fees.

Is Canceling Your Best Option?

You might want to cancel your Xfinity internet service because you’re moving or because you’re not happy with a connection that is too slow or unreliable.

You might also want to switch to a cheaper option. On average, Americans pay $47 to $69 per month for internet service, but some Xfinity bundles can cost a lot more, especially if you add TV channels.

However, if you’re moving to a new address and want to keep using Xfinity at your new address, your best option is to transfer your service. Xfinity will give you access to WiFi hotspots so you can stay connected during your move, and you won’t have to pay an early cancelation fee.

Besides, Xfinity will send you the equipment you need and you’ll be able to set up your new connection yourself without paying any additional fees. If you cancel your service and subscribe again, you will pay an early cancellation fee, and you will have to pay to activate your new line.

When Will Your Internet Service End?

You can contact Xfinity and ask to terminate your internet service at a future date. In most cases, Xfinity will offer to end your service with your current billing cycle, but you can ask for a different date if you want the service to end sooner.

Keep in mind that it can take a couple of business days to process your request. If you submit an online request, Xfinity will get back to you within 48 hours. If you decide to mail a request instead, it might take a week to ten days before Xfinity processes your request.

When Will You Get Your Last Bill?

You will get a bill for your last billing cycle with the same due date as usual. You’re responsible for paying this last bill even if you receive it after your service is no longer active.

How Much Is the Early Termination Fee?

You will have to pay an early termination fee every month until your contract ends. This fee drops by $10 every month until it reaches $10 for the last month of your initial contract.

You can calculate this fee by multiplying the number of months left in your agreement by ten. This calculation will give you the ETF for the first month after you cancel your internet service. Deduct $10 per month to figure out how much you will pay in the future.

Who Has to Pay the Early Termination Fee?

You can find your service agreement by logging into your Xfinity account or contacting customer service. This document should tell you how much time you have left on your current contract. You can avoid paying a termination fee or at least save on this fee if you cancel your contract closer to its expiration date.

Xfinity will waive the ETF if you move to another area where Comcast doesn’t offer internet services. You won’t have to pay the fee if you’re canceling because of an active duty military deployment or if you’re canceling on behalf of an account holder who passed away.

If you have a bundle and choose to cancel some of your services but will keep at least one service, you won’t have to pay a termination fee.

How to Cancel Comcast Xfinity Internet

Canceling your internet service with Comcast Xfinity is easy.

Prepare What You Need

You will need your account number. You can find it on your bill or you can log into your Xfinity account to find it. You will also need to share information like your name and service address.

Contact Customer Support if You Have Questions

It’s always a good idea to get some clarification if anything isn’t clear before you cancel your internet service. You can reach out to the Xfinity customer service team thanks to an online chat feature. You can also create a topic in the official Xfinity discussion forum or contact Xfinity on social media.

Note that you can’t request a service cancelation via chat or social media. However, you can ask questions about how this process works and get an idea of how much the ETF will be.

Request a Service Cancelation Online

The easiest way to cancel your Xfinity internet service is to fill out an online form. You’ll have to log into your account to access the form. This process takes a few seconds and tells Xfinity you want to cancel your service. You will get a phone call from Xfinity within 48 hours.

Cancel Your Service in Person

You can visit an Xfinity store and ask to cancel your service. Xfinity has an online tool you can use to find the nearest store.

If you can find a store in your area, this method is convenient since a customer service representative will submit your request to cancel your service right away. You won’t have to wait to get a phone call from Xfinity with this method.

Write to Xfinity to Cancel Your Internet

You can send a letter to Xfinity to cancel your service. Make sure your letter includes your full name, the service address, account number, and a phone number where Xfinity can reach you.

Mail your letter to this address:

Comcast Cable

ATTN: Service Change Requests

1701 JFK Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

You will get a phone call from an Xfinity customer service representative within two business days of your letter reaching its destination.

Sending a letter isn’t the quickest way to cancel your service. However, you can send a recommended letter to prove that you asked Xfinity to terminate your contract.

What to Expect When Xfinity Calls You

If you submit an online form or send a letter, you will get a phone call within two business days. Here’s what typically happens during this phone call:

  • The customer service representative who calls you will start by verifying your identity. They will probably ask for your name, service address, and account number.
  • The purpose of the phone call is to get confirmation that you want to cancel your service. However, they will ask why you want to cancel first and might bring up alternatives.
  • You don’t have to tell the representative why you want to cancel your service. If you tell them that you’re moving, they will probably offer to look up if you can transfer your Xfinity internet service to your new address. If you mention a price or performance issue, they might offer to upgrade you to a different plan.
  • If none of these options sound good to you, repeat that you want to cancel your service.
  • The Xfinity representative will ask when you want to cancel your service. You can choose to cancel your internet at the end of the billing cycle or pick another date.
  • You will get a confirmation that your service will end on the date you picked. The representative will probably bring up that you need to return the equipment you are renting from Xfinity, and the call will end.
  • Your service will end on the day you picked, and you will receive a bill for your last billing cycle.

Questions to Ask During the Call

Before the call ends, the representative will ask if they can help you with anything else. You should ask a few questions to clarify when your service will end and how much you will pay.

Here are a few questions you should consider asking. Take the time to write down any additional questions you might want to ask before Xfinity calls you:

  • Confirm how much your last bill will be and when you’ll have to pay it.
  • Ask about early termination fees. Find out how much time is left on your contract and how much you will pay in ETFs. Typically, this fee will drop by $10 every month, but your agreement might be different.
  • Find out about payment options for the ETF and ask if you’ll be able to review this information in your Xfinity online account.
  • If you meet one of the criteria for not paying the ETF, make sure to bring it up during the phone conversation. Don’t hang up until you get a confirmation from the representative that Xfinity will waive these fees.
  • If you have some equipment to return, find out if there is a deadline for returning it. You should also ask about additional fees you might owe if you return it late.

Returning Your Equipment

If you go over your Xfinity bill, you’ll see that you’re paying a monthly fee to rent equipment, including a router, modem, or TV box. You’ll have to return these items once you cancel your internet service.

Xfinity has an online return center. You can log into it with your usual Xfinity ID and password even after canceling your service.

You can create a return request, select the equipment you have, and print a prepaid UPS shipping label. It’s a simple process, but keep in mind that you have to create the return request since Xfinity won’t send you a shipping label automatically.

All you have to do is package the equipment, tape the shipping label on the box, schedule a home pickup with UPS, or drop it off at a UPS location. Don’t forget to return your equipment since Xfinity might charge you additional fees if you keep it.


Canceling your Comcast Xfinity internet service is an easy process, thanks to the online form you can submit. However, early termination fees can be high. We recommend going over your current service agreement to figure out when it ends. You can save a lot by waiting for the end of your contract to cancel.

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